Top Swiss Breitling Fake Watches UK Opens A New Boutique On Zurich

Best UK Breitling replica watches has opened its new boutique on Zurich’s prestigious Bahnhofstrasse, following a change of location in mid-May. The new industrial-loft boutique concept lets visitors discover Breitling’s range of luxury 1:1 Breitling fake watches in a relaxed and casual atmosphere. The existing boutique on Augustinergasse, a Zurich staple since 2016, will be closed after the move.

On 17 May 2022, Breitling officially opened its new boutique on Zurich’s Bahnhofstrasse. The newly designed interior showcases the brand’s collections of luxury timepieces that range from the legendary high quality replica Breitling Navitimer pilot’s watches to the stylish Premier and the sports-chic Chronomat. The watch bar pairs vintage décor with streamlined contemporary design to produce a modern-retro look that resembles an industrial loft. Another motif reflected in the décor is “air, sea, and land,” the three universes that the perfect Breitling copy watches families were developed for. The innovative loft concept has a welcoming feel, designed to appeal both to long-standing Swiss movements Breitling replica watches customers and a new generation of passionate watch enthusiasts.

“From the moment you step in, you’ll recognize the relaxed, industrial-loft-inspired atmosphere that says everything about our casual, inclusive, and sustainable approach to luxury,” says Georges Kern, CEO of Breitling. “It’s part of wholesale Breitling fake watches’ vision of being the leader of ‘neo-luxury’ and differentiates us from the more traditional luxury brands on Bahnhofstrasse.”

Since opening the brand’s first Zurich boutique in 2016, luxury retail operator Zett Meyer has been in charge of AAA Breitling super clone watches’ mono-brand locations in the city. The move represents a new chapter in this long-standing and successful partnership that oversees both the new boutique on Bahnhofstrasse 70 as well as a Breitling bar-bistro boutique in the Jelmoli department store. “This move does justice to the unbelievable dynamism and development we’ve seen from Breitling in recent years. I am proud to give the brand its well-deserved place on this prestigious street,” says Adrian Bindella, CEO of Zett Meyer.

From 23 May to 11 June, customers, collectors, and cheap replica Breitling watches aficionados will be invited to discover the new boutique and its relaxed, stylish modern-retro atmosphere. A diverse event program with daily highlights will take visitors on a trip through Breitling’s exciting brand world.