Álvaro Morte Joins High Quality UK Breitling Fake Watches As An Ambassador

The character of ‘The Professor’ has marked a before and after in Álvaro Morte’s career thanks to the success of La casa de papel, without a doubt. He knows it, as he is also aware that the series has been the necessary impetus to tackle new projects and discover before the general public the actor who has worked tirelessly, and with no more help than his effort, until he was able to decide what things are important in their future trajectory.

“In the vital part –he says–, I have achieved happiness”. Morte originally from Algeciras, Cádiz, was born in 1975, he is a theater actor, although he is increasingly leaning towards directing, and it shows in the way he speaks. He also transmits sincerity in his speech, with which it is clear that the interpretation was his destiny, although on occasion he could have a specific doubt. New ambassador for the watchmaking firm Swiss made Breitling replica watches, when asked for his vision of elegance, he is clear: “He has to do with attitude and empathy. Whether you are more or less intelligent to handle those qualities depends on each one. But education and empathy are fundamental.”

69 million viewers worldwide and among the hundred best series of the 21st century. Nobody knows exactly the reasons for the success of La casa de papel, but surely one of them is performances like yours. What are your contributions?

I like to think that we have a responsibility as artists: to find a job that starts from a person, in this case from a screenwriter, and that we have to continue. And do it trying to direct that proposal in a specific direction. I like to always keep in mind that this is part of a team. Although I must say that I have added many things to the character: I am as methodical as “The Professor” when I start to face a project, to analyze it, to make a plan as he would. My contribution to the character is in terms of how he moves, how he breathes, how he expresses himself. Many of the hobbies that he has, such as origami, origami… I have done them. But come on, Alba (Flores) has done the same with Nairobi or Úrsula (Corberó) with Tokio.

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It is a series of characters and actors…

Speaking with Eva Leira and Yolanda Serrano, casting directors, when we previewed the first chapter, they told me that they were tremendously proud, because there are times when you do a casting with the best intentions in the world, but then, for whatever reason, the chosen actor does not quite work. It is very difficult to make a cast in which everything is one hundred percent in place. In this case, everything has worked. I am very proud to have made this series and to have coincided with extremely good colleagues, from whom I have learned a lot. Not only the actors, but also the direction. The series has a pulse in the action and mastery in the way of handling drama and comedy, taking the actors to the limit and bringing out the best in us.

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Álvaro Morte’s profile as an actor is established in the search for perfection, beyond what we can imagine. Does the theater actor that you are have something to do with it?

I trained a lot in theater, I have my own company, he directs. It’s true, the theater gives you discipline, training and it’s true, I’m a perfectionist. But, there was a moment when I realized that perfection does not exist and since then I live better. I’m obsessed with chasing her, but knowing that you can’t get to her. My interpretations are far from perfect, but I am satisfied with one thing: everything that I have been able to give to “The Professor” is there. It has been made clear.

Has La casa de papel changed the concept of series made in Spain?

The paper house has broken limits and has changed how the Spanish film industry is seen outside our borders. During the filming of The Wheel of Time I have been able to talk to very powerful people from outside, and they are all amazed at what we are doing here. We have not been the first or the best, but we have been able to be that catalyst, or one of the biggest, so that people are interested in seeing Spanish products.

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Would you say that you are also changing concepts?

I don’t want to seem pretentious or arrogant, but there is one thing I like to think about what I have been able to contribute and that is, without a doubt, ratifying the idea that ‘of course it can’. I have no godfather, nor anyone who has opened the door for me. I started doing theater, the smallest in the world, I studied dramatic art in a small school in Córdoba and I had a huge number of dreams to fulfill. When you arrive in Madrid and realize what is happening, they begin to fall apart, one by one. You tell yourself that you’ve tried, that it’s not too late. And suddenly the paper house happens and dreams begin to come true one after another.

Speaking of theater, what do you like now, acting or directing?

I started in this to be an actor, among other things because I did not know the world of directing. What interests me most in theater is the process of character creation. Then, the execution, which is always on the same text, is like a dance in which everything has to be in its place, it is a secondary part. From that perspective, being a director you don’t just create the character, you create everything. And that fulfills me more, and it surely has to do with my obsessive and meticulous nature, but it is also very difficult for me to delegate. Directing, I can control what each of the characters does, the staging, but also the sound space, the lighting, the set design. I like to have everything under control. Now I am looking for the opportunity to direct. That is another project we have on the table.

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Success opens doors, that’s for sure. But of those projects you have, surely one was on your mind before Money Heist, vital projects even.

Of course. I am one of those who think that projects or dreams should be as big as possible. And then be sensible enough to know that nothing happens if you don’t make it that big and enjoy what you’ve achieved. As for vital projects, I am more than happy; happiness has existed in my life for a long time and that also gives you a lot of peace of mind. In terms of work, there is a project that mixes with the vital, which is the company 300 Pistolas, which I set up with Blanca, my wife, and which has given us stability so that we don’t have to do any casting, but rather be able to choose a little more . Now it is unemployed due to the pandemic, because it is a private company, without any type of aid or subsidy.

How has the pandemic changed Álvaro Morte?

Perhaps in being more aware of the here and now. I had a difficult moment of health and, although I got over it perfectly, since then I have tried not to forget it. Enjoy the day to day because we don’t know where we are going to be tomorrow; the pandemic has put us on notice: ‘Hey, be careful, let’s not get distracted’. And he has made it clear to us the importance of contact with people. We must seize the time.

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We cannot stop talking about the relationship you have established with Breitling, a brand for which you are the new ambassador. What is it about watchmaking and Swiss made Breitling replica watches’ message in particular that attracts you?

My paternal grandfather repaired luxury fake Breitling watches, he was the typical one who fixed everything that fell into his hands; I remember him with the magnifying glass on his table, with his precision tools. I believe that the watch defines the person who wears it. There are people who have a watch for everything, and I like to change. Breitling is a brand that I have always admired for the tradition it treasures, but it also has a very contemporary fresh air. It offers the perfect balance. I connect a lot with the brand because I am a lover of the classics and I like to review them with a certain air of freshness, and that is what replica Breitling watches for men offers me. It is the perfect brand to work with.

And as for the watch style, do you lean towards something more sporty or a more traditional vision?

When I went to the 2022 Breitling fake watches boutique, I spent hours deciding, because I was hesitating between a more sporty or a more dressy piece. In the end I realized that I needed both, one more formal, even if it had a sporty character, and the other more adventurous.